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Golden Bandicoot
Golden Bandicoot
Play your songs
on your magic flute
We live so peaceful
and quietly within
No matter what is 
all around us 
We just
Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel
Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel
Here we are in this world
For now
Here we are in this moment
Love is all we know
We're Love
Golden Bamboo Lemur
Golden Bamboo Lemur
I love to be a dreamer
Dreaming all the happy things
that I can think of
Radiant Health
Everlasting Joy
Beautiful Bliss of Wishes Come True
What a transformation we are going through
Flowing with the magic
Making our world brand new
Golden-chested Tanager
We are Love
Golden-chested Tanager
Love is our manager
Look up
Love is here to guide us
Love is here to love us
Love is here to be us
Golden-crowned Spadebill
Sing this song with Golden-crowned Spadebill
I love you and I always will
Love Love Love
Love Love Love
Love you in the morning
Love you in the evening
Love you all the time
Golden-headed Quetzal
Golden-headed Quetzal
Would you like a pretzel
To celebrate the magic of today?
Celebrate every way you can
The whole day long
Eternal shining JOY
We sing a happy song
Golden-headed Quetzal
What a tasty pretzel
Aardvark Song
Aardvark with your 
long rabbit ears
Dig dig dig 
Zig zag zig 
across the grasslands
We like you will face our fears
Daring to live in a dangerous world
Doors will fly open
Good Luck's beside us
Everything is new and magical
Alligator Song
Guardian of mystical treasures
Keeper of all knowledge
Lead us to new wisdom
There can be no death
without life
There can be no life
without death
Ant Song
Sacred Ant
O Sacred Ant
you teach us today
how to be patient
and trusting of life's way
You teach us 
to build our dreams
a little at a time
We thank you Sacred Ant
Antelope Song
the lesson that 
you teach us is
Know what to do 
and then do it
Antelope your medicine
gives us strength
of mind and heart
Speak to us of action
set us free
Armadillo Song
Armadillo Armadillo
Teach us how to
set our boundaries
Armadillo Armadillo
Teach us how to open up
Teach us how to feel 
our feelings
Sacred Armadillo
Badger Song
Badger Badger
We love your aggression
and the way you
never give up
Teach us to be secure
and bold like you
Barn Swallow Song
Barn Swallow 
Flying so high on this first summer day
Fly into our hearts 
and we will find our happy way 
by thinking our happy thoughts 
and flying in the sky 
the happy sky with you 
Bat Song
Bat Bat
Sacred Bat
You help us die to 
our old ways
Bat Bat 
Sacred Bat
You help us dream of
the new days
We die the shaman's death
and then we are born again
We gladly greet 
the dawn again
Bat Bat
Sacred Bat
You help us die to 
our old ways
Bat Bat
Sacred Bat
You help us dream of
the new days
Bear Song
O Bear teach us how 
to go within
to the silence of our souls
To nurture our dreams
and seek our hearts 
And to know 
our own true goals
For as you journey in
to the dark of your cave
So do we journey in
to our quietness
to our knowingness
to our joy
O Bear teach us how
to go within
to the silence of our souls
To nurture our dreams 
and seek our hearts
and to know 
our own true goals
Beaver Song
We build our dreams with you
O sacred Beaver
Teach us harmony with others
and how to work hard
Teach us protection
for our creations
Teach us protection
for our creations
Beetle Song
Beetle Beetle
Beetle Beetle
New life
leave the past behind
New life
New life 
leave the past behind
New life
Everyday is a new life
Everyday is a new life
Everyday is a new life
Everyday is a new life
Bighorn Sheep Song
Bighorn Sheep
King of the mountain
Help us start
a new beginning
Help us to use 
our imagination
spiraling upwards
a new creation
Seeking out new heights
We're climbing up
the mountain with you
Blue Jay Song
Blue Jay
I'm on my way again
You teach us to keep on goin
Don't leave things a-danglin
Okay Blue Jay
Blue Jay
We're on our way again
Thank you for comin by
And tellin us to 
keep on tryin
Restart the dreams we had
And spread our wings 
Go flyin

Bluebird Song
You come along 
on a cloudy day
and whisk our troubles away
Sometimes we forget 
how to be happy inside
Seems a part of us has died
You bring us back 
to joy again
Reminding us that
we are born to happiness
and fulfillment
Bring us back Bluebird
bring us back
Bring us back Bluebird
bring us back
To joy to joy to joy
Bobcat Song
Sing your song
Solitary all alone
Teach us to find 
our own true strength 
through silence
Teach us to look for what is hidden
Not is all as it appears to be
Everything is flowing
perfectly in Love
Buffalo Song
Buffalo Buffalo
Teach us to pray
Pray for the 
blessings of peace
Buffalo Buffalo 
Teach us to pray
Pray for the 
blessings of peace
We praise the 
abundance of life
We praise the 
of life!
Bulbul Song
Bulbul sing
We fly our magic path with you
Here and hereafter
Love is the greatest
thing we do
Butterfly Song
You have been through
many changes
and now you fly so freely
O Butterfly
teach us that we too
are changing
and someday 
we'll fly with you
Everything in our life
is bringing us to the day
when we have wings
and we can fly
with you sacred Butterfly
Camel Song
Walking through the shifting sands 
in the desert of life
Camel lead us on the journey 
You remind us to stay in joy
and love leads us safely home 

Canary Song
Canary sings such
a beautiful song
Awakening in us
the memory 
of the mysteries of sound
and voice and music
O Canary
teach us to use our voices
to bring healing 
and blessing
Sunshine happiness and love
Canary canary
Sunshine happiness and love

Canyon Wren Song
Canyon Wren 
Spiralling your beautiful song 
You sing to us the magic of life 
Love brings thankfulness 
Thankfulness brings joy
We are a circle of love 
Spiralling our beautiful song
We bring thankfulness 
Thankfulness brings joy
Life is a circle of love    

Cardinal Song
Cardinal Cardinal
Your clear whistle
makes us listen closely
to our inner voice 
to the god within us
We like you 
will brighten up our worlds
O Cardinal
Renew our life
Everything we do
We do for love
Cat Song
Beautiful magical
wonderful Cat
Soak up the rays 
of the sun in your nap
Teach us to be unafraid
of the mystery of life
O Cat
Teach us to stretch 
and yawn like that
Remind us that life 
truly is a magical place
There are so many secrets
that lie behind
your calm and healing gaze
Caterpillar Song
As the sun rises 
and all the world is new
we like you 
emerge ourselves
grow our wings
and change into 
most beautiful things 
of love  
Centipede Song
You bring good fortune to us
Good Fortune to us
Thank you Centipede
For coming by today
Chickadee Song
Chickadee dee dee
Fearless bird of truth
Chickadee dee dee
Joyfully sing your song
How did we get here?
Where are we going to?
There are so many questions
and so many answers too
Only you know
Chickadee adee adee adee
Chicken Song
Bok bok bok bok bok bok bok bok bok
Chicken you have laid a golden egg
Look look look look look look look look look 
Your golden gift of love 
has blessed our world with magic everywhere      
Chipmunk Song
Cheerful Chipmunk
Digging your chambers
into the earth
Storing your treasures away
Curious Chipmunk
Sing us your chorus
of love today
Can you come out to play
We will be brave like you
in everything we do
La La La La La Loo Loo
Chipping Sparrow Song
Friendly little Chipping Sparrow
Your song sounds like a sewing machine
If we have forgotten our dignity
Help us awaken and sing our dreams
With you friendly little Chipping Sparrow 
With you friendly little Chipping Sparrow
With you friendly little Chipping Sparrow 
With you friendly little Chipping Sparrow

Clam Song
Clam Clam
I Am That I Am
Within without
Nothing to worry about
Clam Clam
I Am That I Am
Clark's Nutcracker Song
Clark's Nutcracker
Hiding your pine seeds
where you will find them 
in spring
We will remember
with your good magic
Love is everything
Cockatiel Song
Cockatiel Cockatiel
What are you teaching us?
Cockatiel Cockatiel
Did you say love?
O Cockatiel Cockatiel
Teach us it's really true
that love is the answer
to every question
Love is the answer
Love is the answer
Common Goldeneye Song
Common Goldeneye (whistle)
Flying through the sky (whistle)
You are not so common
You whistle while you fly
Oh whistling duck your magic
Brightens up the sky
Listen to the whistling duck
When he flies by (whistle)
Whistle with the whistling duck
Oh my oh my (whistle)
Everything you wish for will come true
When you whistle along 
With the whistling duck (whistle)
Cow Song
Cow Cow Cow
Teach us stability
You symbolize fertility
O Cow
We love your gentle
peaceful grazing 
The time has come
for us to know
your sacredness
O Cow
Sacred Cow

Coyote Song
Coyote teach us
to laugh at ourselves
holy trickster
Your laughter 
it heals us
Your joking 
it lifts us
Coyote teach us
to laugh at ourselves
Crab Song
You bring us good luck today
Is it time to come out of our shell
or time to hide away?
Help us to feel our feelings
Help us to feel protected
In or out of our shell
We know all is well
Crawdad Song
Crayfish crawfish crawdad
When you start to feel sad
and you wish you could feel glad 
Simply sing this crawdad song
Ask all the angels to sing along
Now there is a smile upon 
your face
Crayfish crawfish crawdad
Nothing's ever that bad
Isn't this the best time 
you've ever had?
Cricket Song
Cricket jumps
and Cricket sings
What's the magic
her singing brings?
Good luck and good cheer
to everyone here
Chirp your good luck Cricket
Bring your good cheer Cricket
You make the world such a
happy, happy, happy, 
happy place
Crow Song
Keeper of sacred law
Omen of change
Teach us to speak
in a powerful voice
Teach us to stand
in our truth
Teach us to speak
in a powerful voice
Teach us to stand
in our truth
Cuckoo Song
I hear the cuckoo sing
She sings so loud and true
She says the wish I make
on her song will come true
Cuckoo I Love You
Cuckoo I Love You 
Cuckoo I Love You
Cuckoo I Love You  
Follow the cuckoo song
And we will flow along
Nothing ever will go wrong
When we follow the cuckoo song
Deer Song
O the gentle Deer
brings her gift of love
and she melts all 
our fears away
The peace and calm 
that she brings to us
goes deep in our hearts
to stay
And she tells us we 
must be like her
Gentle and warm and kind
And love all our fellows
And love ourselves
And leave all our fears
O the gentle Deer 
brings her gift of love
and she melts all 
our fears away
The peace and calm
that she brings to us
goes deep in our 
hearts to stay
Goes deep in our
hearts to stay
Dog Song
Dog Dog
Sacred Dog
You teach us loyalty
You serve humanity
You love unconditionally
Dog the lesson that you
teach so well
helps us learn to be
best friends with ourselves
Dog the lesson that 
you teach so well
helps us learn to be
best friends with ourselves

Dolphin Song
Dolphin Dolphin
Teach us to breathe
the breath of the Divine
Dolphin Dolphin
Teach us to know
the oneness of all creation
We breathe with you
the sacred breath of life
We breathe with you 
the sacred breath of life

Donkey Song
Sacred Donkey
Teach us how to say NO 
You show us that love is strong 
And NO belongs to oneness
Hee Haw     
Dove Song
So gentle so pure
So loving 
Softly cooing Dove
We carry your peace
in our hearts
We carry your love 
with us always
Cooing with you 
Cooing with you
Dragon Song
Sacred Dragon
Sing your love song
Fill the world with magic
We will sing along
Teach us how to look at everything
Through the eyes of mystery and joy
We are changing
We can fly
Breathe the fire of love
Love will never die
Dragon Beautiful
Dragon Luminous
Dragon Guardian
Love is singing us
Dragonfly Song
O magic winged one
You bring the winds of change
You teach us illusion
Things are never as they seem
We love your magic 
O Sacred Dragonfly
Duck Song
Swimming in the water
You remind us to be
safe and comfortable
in ourselves
Help us move through
the waters of life
with your grace
with your grace

Eagle Song
Eagle Song

Eagle Eagle
Soaring so high
Teach us wisdom
Teach us to fly
We touch Heaven
Your spirit heals us
We are the sky
Earthworm Song
You love the earth so much
With your five hearts
Teach us to start
loving the earth
so much more
Kiss the ground
Hug the trees
Thank the water
Love all the animals
And recycle passionately
Echidna Song
Friendly loving Echidna
We love your faith and 
open trustfulness
Teach us to discover new
miracles everyday with you
And be in the magical flow
where everything always 
turns out allright
Egret Song
So peaceful and balanced are you
Teach us to 
walk in deeper waters without fear
Always here
in the natural flow
of being ourselves
Elephant Song
Elephant my friend
Sacred guardian
You are so strong
and beautiful
You bring majesty and joy
You are the symbol of life
and you bless the earth
with your glory
Teach us strength 
and gentleness
as we walk your sacred path
Elk Song
Brother Elk teach us 
Sister Elk teach us 
How to keep 
reachin for the sun 
reachin for the sun 
Brother Elk teach us 
Sister Elk teach us 
How to be strong in our path 
strong in our path    
Firefly Song
Lighting up the sky
Flicker like a star
You know who we are
We are on a new path
Shining glowing bright stars
Sparkling together
Lighting up the world with
Flamingo Song
Fascinating Flirtatious Flamingo
Teach us to follow our heart
Filter out the things that no longer serve us
We have a brand new start
Opening up and reaching far
Singing with the brightest star
Fascinating Flamingo
We go where you go
Shining with you
Shining with you
Shining with you
Flicker Song
Flicker Flicker you drum
the rhythm of the universe
You and Earth's heartbeat 
are One
Awaken a new rhythm in us
Flicker Flicker Flicker
Flicker Flicker
Flicker Flicker Flicker
Flicker Flicker
Love heals us
Love heals us 
Fly Song
Who can see the blessing
that you bring to us when you come by 
Fly you teach us to 
Look for the silver lining in every cloud 
Trust that the universe is only made of love 
Look for the smile of heaven on every face 
Love never leaves us 
Angels come in all sizes of wings    

Fox Song
Fox Sacred Fox
You are like the wind
Nobody sees you
You teach us oneness
Sacred Fox
Teach us to love life

Frog Song
Frog sing your rain song
Call in the waters
(call in the waters)
Teach us to take time
to give to ourselves
and bathe in your waters
(bathe in your waters)
Frog your medicine 
cleanses us
Rids us of the things
that hinder us
We will sing 
the rain song with you

Giant Golden-Crowned Flying Fox Song
Giant Golden-Crowned Flying Fox
Flying in the forests of the Philippines
You love fruits and flowers
Give us powers
Most of all you like figs
Help us to think big
Celebrate the night
Everything's all right
with Magic Giant
Golden-Crowned Flying Fox
Giraffe Song
Friend so tall who can see so far
Teach us to keep our legs and feet 
on the ground
and our head in the sky
Help us to see what lies ahead for us
and how to move toward the future
Golden Angwantibo Song
Golden Angwantibo
Why does the wind blow
Only the stars know
Changes are coming
Wind blows them in
Golden Potto
We will let the wind blow
Love is the reason
For the season
Golden Angwantibo
We will let the magic flow
Love forever shining
Wherever we go
Golden-backed Bishop Song
Golden-backed Bishop
Golden-backed Bishop
Sing your song of beauty
Sing your song of laughter
Wear a smile as big as
happy ever after
Shine your 
Love to every person
That you see
We are on the planet
You and me
Here we are together
Let's Love
Let's Love
Golden Eagle Song
Golden Eagle
Teach us to be
higher than we can see
Loving the shadows 
as we love the light
Your message from heaven lifts us
Everything's all right
Golden Lancehead Song
On an island of Brazil
Queimada Grande
Go there if you will
No people live there
on Snake Island
the only home of the
Golden Lancehead Pit Viper
Golden Magic Snake
Open us to change
Within and without
Trusting Life to work things out
Golden Magic Snake
There are no mistakes
We are endless flowing 
Golden Love
Golden Leaf Monkey Song
Golden Leaf Monkey
Living in the hills of the Himalayas
What a beautiful golden coat have you
Love is the answer to everything it's true
And so we sing beautiful love songs 
To everyone and everything
Golden Lion Tamarin Song

Golden Palm Civet Song
What's that catlike creature I see
in the top of the trees of Sri Lanka?
Golden Palm Civet
can you tell us how to 
love life and to live it?
Can you tell us how to 
make our dreams come true?
Yes I can and I'll give
this secret to you.
Simply dream with me
what you wish to see.
I'm a magic lucky cat and
your wish will come true like that.
Just like that.
Golden Pheasant Song
I've never seen a Golden Pheasant
But I have seen that Life is pleasant
And I have dreamed of happy things and here they are
It seems that dreams do come true when you wish on stars
And so I wish for You that your dreams all come true
With happy miracles and fairy blessings too
As Golden Pheasant brings her magic
Love makes all things new
Golden Tiger Song
Golden Tiger
Now is our time to shine
So devoted to Life sublime
Strong and powerful
We are Love
And in the perfect time
Blessings above
Create their magic here
Golden Tiger
We have no fear
Golden Tree Frog Song
Golden Tree Frog
Thank you for the good luck today
And we love the way
You sing so loud
Waking up our hearts
So that we can start
Being who we are
Golden Light
We let our love shine bright
Simply being here in thankfulness
Simply breathing love to everything
Golden Tree Frog
Golden Tree Frog
We are Love
Golden Whistler Song
Golden Whistler 
in the forests of Australia
You sing your magic songs
and JOY fills us
Teach us how to sing like you
Loving everything we do
Every song we sing a song of LOVE
flying on golden wings
healing everything
Golden-bellied Flycatcher Song
Golden-bellied Flycatcher
We hope to see you in Costa Rica
Tre-le-loo tre-le-loo 
Ah You call us to be new
Tre-le-loo tre-le-loo
Truly new truly new
Golden-browed Chlorophonia
Golden-browed Chlorophonia
You are Love
Looking through our eyes of Love
Everything is New
Everyone is the Beloved
Everything is Perfect
Everything is Love
Golden-cheeked Woodpecker Song
Golden-cheeked Woodpecker 
We saw you in Sayulita 
Climbing on a tree
When we were on our honeymoon
And we heard you 
singing this happy tune
I Love You 
I Love You Too
Golden Fruit Dove Song
Golden Fruit Dove
We have been so blessed by Love
Healing Love
Golden Love
We are Light
We are Love
Shining bright our Healing Love
with Golden Fruit Dove
Golden-mantled Tree Kangaroo Song
Golden-mantled Tree Kangaroo
What a long striped tail have you
We walk slowly through the forest
Listening to the wisdom of the trees
Golden-mantled Tree Kangaroo
Did you say that all we need to do
Is simply 
Be Here Now
Breathe Love
Be New
Golden-rumped Elephant-shrew Song
Golden-rumped Elephant-shrew
Such a very very fast runner are you
Looking through the leaf litter on the forest floor
Teach us how to open up the door
To Love Golden Love
and Joy Eternal Joy
Oh Boy
Golden-rumped Elephant-shrew
Happy Magical Day to You
Golden-tailed Sapphire Song
Golden-tailed Sapphire
Drink your sweet flowers
You are a messenger of hope
and so are we
Shining all the colors 
of the rainbow
so joyfully
Finding good 
in everything 
we see
Golden-winged Grosbeak Song
Golden-winged Grosbeak
Every moment's sacred and so unique
Love is overflowing
Love is where we've been 
and where we're going
Flying with our golden wings
Beautiful the songs we sing
Golden-winged Warbler Song
Golden-winged Warbler
What a magic friend are you
Showing us our soul is Love
Singing to us just what to do
Simply have faith in Love
Then there is no fear only Love
Goldfinch Song
The sweetest sound I hear
Sacred Goldfinch is near
She lives where 
the fairies and elves live
In a nest of thistledown
She opens us to
the nature spirits all around
O Goldfinch 
There is no sweeter song 
on earth to be found
Goldfish Song
Goldfish you swim
peaceful and free
You live your days
so joyfully
Teach us to live 
in simplicity
Help us to find
Goose Song
Goose lead us
to faraway places
We will walk a new path
On our journey
help us see clearly
We will fly with you
Gladly we'll follow you
on the great spiritual quest
On the great spiritual quest
Gorilla Song
Gorilla Gorilla 
You come to us with love in your eyes
We take your hand and we dance through our fears
Dancing dancing 
We are ever dancing with life 
Trusting trusting 
Love leads our steps to light 
Open our hearts
We are the light of love
Grasshopper Song
We listen within
You bring good luck
Abundance flowing
We take a giant leap of faith
Joyfully we leap forward with you
Great Blue Heron Song
Great Blue Heron
Queen of the marshland
Lift us up into the new
We go exploring with you
Flying with our own authority
Trusting our own divinity
Great Blue Heron
We shine our love
Aware in
Magical NOW

Great Golden Digger Wasp Song
Great Golden Digger Wasp
You look scary but you don't sting
Now's the time to start something new
Great Golden Digger Wasp
We will expect the unexpected
And Love will be  reflected 
In everything we do
Groundhog Song
Grounghog dig your tunnel
into the earth
Find a place 
where you can live
in happiness
Your magic teaches us
to open to the dreamtime
We are one
We are one with you
We are one with you Groundhog
We are one with you Groundhog

Grouse Song
Grouse O sacred Grouse
You bring to us
the sacred spiral dance
Teach us how to dance
in harmony with
Mother Earth's cycles
As we dance your
sacred spiral dance
Guinea Pig Song
Guinea Pig 
You're not a pig
And you're not from Guinea
But your shining love is big
And your blessings many
Teach us love brings miracles
And magic on our journey
Breathe Love
Shine Love
Be Love
Hawk Song
Hawk O Hawk
Sacred Hawk
You bring a message to us
Teach us to listen
and to seek the truth
Teach us to love
the magic of life
Hippopotamus Song
What are you teaching us?
Immersing yourself in the river
You remind us we are creators
Teach us how to be so strong like you
Feel our feelings and 
Move gracefully through LIFE
We are LOVE
On our path
Honeybee Song
O Sacred Honeybee
Symbol of fertility
You teach us to know
the sweetness of
our own hearts
and sweetness of life
sweetness of life

Hornbill Song
Teach us to be still
Within our strange and exquisite beingness
We will flow through changes
Inside and outside ourselves
With open hearts
So filled with love for all
We will
Horse Song
O mighty horse
we love your power
O mighty horse
we love your joy
Teach us compassion
May we walk in balance
as we journey on
House Finch Song
Pretty red house finch 
Sing your pretty song of joy to us today
Everything is love     
Hummingbird Song
O little Hummingbird
You bring to us a song of joy
Beauty and radiance surround you
Magic Hummingbird
Teach us to spread your beauty 
and joy wherever we may go
Teach us to love life
Teach us to live our joy
O fly little Hummingbird
fly with us
O little Hummingbird
You bring to us a song of joy
Beauty and radiance surround you
Magic Hummingbird
Teach us to spread your beauty 
and joy wherever we may go
Teach us to love life
Teach us to live our joy
Bless us with beauty
Fill us with magic
Fly with us always
Beautiful Hummingbird
Hyena Song
Hyena Hyena Hyena
Laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh
We laugh with you Hyena
Laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh
We laugh with you Hyena
We sing our song and laugh along
Laughter makes our light shine strong
Laugh laugh laugh and
Love love love
We are lifted up above
Ibis Song
I believe
You and I are Love
Here we are 
Shining star
Magic Healing Love
Indigo Bunting Song
Indigo Bunting
Whistle your bouncy song
Brilliantly blue are you
Teach us to
Sing out our voices 
in brilliance and beauty
just as you do
Guided by starlight
Ever New
Jackal Song
Brother Jackal
Help us tackle
Everything we do with love
Sister Jackal
Help us sparkle
Shining our bright happy
rainbow love
In the dark of 
a cloudy day
Love will brighten
our gloom away
Jaguar Song
Here we are
Bright and shining stars
Clear and open
Filled with well-beingness
Shining Glowing
Everything has Jaguar
Go within
Release your fears
Oh Jaguar
Transformed we are
On a new 
Dreams come True
Path with You
Junco Song
Junco flying by
blows kisses from the sky
wishing you a happy day of love
May your heart be filled with light
May your world be beautiful
May peace of angels surround you
and all the richest blessings 
of joy flow to you
on this magic day
Kanetataki Song
Kanetataki prayer gong cricket sing
How beautiful and perfect is everything
When we simply let go 
and watch the magic flow
Kanetataki ring your bell
Kanetataki all is well
Kangaroo Song
We leap forward with you
And it's true
Life is calling us to do
Something new
That we've never done before
So we open up the door
Let our love and light come shining through
We leap forward with you
We leap forward with you
Kestrel Song
Graceful Kestrel 
Teach us patience and commitment and agility 
Spirit calls us to the present
We are heaven in each moment 
Loving all we see  
Killdeer Song
You appear
telling us your nest is near
You protect by leading away
anything that wants 
to harm today
Lead away
Keep safe above
our creations 
made from love
We are magic
Beauty flowing
Ever glowing
On our path of 
miracles with you
Kingfisher Song
You bring sunshine
into our lives
and the promise of abundance
you give us courage
to dive into something new
Peace and prosperity
fly along
fly along with you
Koala Song
Koala high in the tree
You were born the size of a honeybee
Teach us how to hold on
Safe in the great mystery
Koala Koala
All is Love
Komodo Dragon Song
Komodo Dragon
Quickly our dreams are coming true
So many changes we are going through
With you
Komodo Dragon
Love makes all things new
Ladybug Song
Ladybug Ladybug
Teach us to see the world
with new eyes everyday
Teach us to sing
with joy in our hearts
We know everything's allright
when we see you Ladybug
when we see you Ladybug
Lark Bunting Song
Lark Bunting
Sing your song to our heart
We awaken to our own sacred song
We allow our song to lead us on
Shining in our radiance of LOVE

Lemur Song
Leaping through the top
of the rainforests 
in Madagascar
Open us
Open us
Open us
Lion Song
Lion Lion
As the sun rises
So we awaken to new days
Help us bring forth
our feminine power
Nurtured by female sun
New happiness has begun
Lizard Song
Dream with me
Help me to see the shadow
Help me to meet my fears
Teach me to learn 
from my dreams
Llama Song
Llama you teach us
to climb slowly up the steep path 
always safe and secure 
in the light of love
Loon Song
Loon sacred waterbird
sing the song 
that you alone can sing
Your message tells us
that we each have our own
beautiful song to sing
to sing
Lovebird Song
Lovely Lovebird
Guess what we heard
in the love song you sing so true
We heard angels singing Magic
We heard All Is Love
We are lovebirds too
singing magic with You
So in love with Love
Lynx Song
Lynx O Sacred Lynx
You are the keeper 
of secrets
Teach us to live 
in your silence
Teach us how to listen
Magpie Song
Magpie Magpie
glistening in your flight
Teach us how to look within
With your magic
we create a new world
Angels fly with you
Manatee Song
Teach us serenity
May we be peaceful like you
May we be gentle like you
Loving like you
Marlin Song
Sacred Marlin
Great swimmer in the sea
You bring to us your gift of love
We live a magic life
Radiance shining
Always feeling
happy outcomes for all
Marmot Song
Sacred Marmot
You love the high mountains
Teach us to live each moment
with the highest 
thoughts of love
Sacred Marmot
You truly are an inspiration
When we've walked so far
There you are
We can reach the stars 
with you
Meadowlark Song
Singing in the meadow 
Your cheery song 
Follows us on our journey 
And when it seems like 
things are going wrong 
Your cheery song leads us on 
Helps us find joy 
in every step along the way 
O Meadowlark 
we heard you say 
Enjoy the journey 
It's a wonderful journey 
Enjoy the journey 
Such a wonderful journey 
Enjoy enjoy In Joy In Joy 
Enjoy enjoy In Joy In Joy 
In Joy In Joy Enjoy! 
Mockingbird Song
Sing your magnificent song
Sing while you're flying
Sing in the moonlight
Sing the whole year long
Help us to find
Our own sacred song in life
Follow our own path of light
Sing our own true song
Sing our own true song
Sing our own true song
Mongoose Song
Turn me loose
Set me free
and I will be
So grateful 
to be me
Oh Boy
We are here to
Love each other 
and love ourselves
Be each other
and be ourselves
Monkey Song
Teach us to have compassion
playfulness and imagination
Teach us to be bold and daring
Light-hearted beings so kind and caring
Monkey help us see
I am you and you are me
and only LOVE will set us free
Moose Song
Sacred Moose
Bellow your pride
You love to tell the world
of your joy
Your medicine is self-esteem
Help us honor 
the gifts we bring
and honor the gifts
of all others
Mopoke Song
Cheer up
Don't be a mopoke
Lighten up
Watch how things will brighten up
when you smile
Such a magical newness 
is flowing to you 
in just a little while

Moth Song
Magical Moth
Flying in the night
Teach us to have faith
and find our own light
Thank you for messages
brought to us from 
the other side
We listen 
We change
Let everything rearrange
Love transforms us
We fly
Mountain Goat Song
Mountain Goat
You climb so high
Teach us to reach up
to the sky
Always seeing
what lies ahead
Sure on our feet
Sure on our feet
Sure on our feet
Mountain Lion Song
Mountain Lion
Mountain Lion
Teach us of leadership
May we lead in truth
O Mountain Lion
Sacred Brother
Teach us to roar in power
O Sacred Lion
our brother 
Teach us to roar with you
Mouse Song
O little Mouse
You teach us to see up close
With your medicine
we learn how to look
at ourselves and at others
so carefully
Teach us to walk 
in humility
Muskrat Song
Muskrat Muskrat
in the stream
You bring us
lucid dreams 
Teach us to go deep inside 
Dig our own safe burrows
where we hide 
Deep inside
of ourselves 
where all is well 
Nighthawk Song
Nighthawk in the sky
you sing your message 
so clear
Swooping down lifting up
Nighthawk we soar with you
Through the air 
we soar with you
clearly singing what is true
We are One

Nuthatch Song
Nuthatch Nuthatch
Teach us grounding
Teach us to have 
faith in ourselves
We bring heaven 
into the earth
Ocelot Song
Save a spot for me
High in your tree
Where we will be
Looking down 
All around we see
Everything's beautiful
Everything's new
Love has brought
Octopus Song
Three hearts
Eight arms
Octopus you bring to us
Sacred spiral of the universe
We are always evolving 
and ever changing with you
Soft and yet so strong
There is nothing we cannot do
Three hearts 
We love more
Eight arms
We hug more
With you 
Opossum Song
Opossum Opossum
You are very smart
Your form of protection
is such an art
Teach us to know 
we don't have to 
defend ourselves
We have the right to be
who we are

Orangutan Song
O Orangutan
Teach us to expand
Expressions of our own true selves
More colorfully
As you swing in your trees above
We cleverly create from love
Yes we can
Swing with you
Happy and new
Ostrich Song
You are the largest bird
Your message shall now be heard
Because you cannot fly
As others do
You gather wisdom from your earth walk
Teach us to
Be grounded on this beautiful
Planet of Love
Always keeping our thoughts soaring
High above
Pure JOY
Magic JOY
For JOY is who we are
Otter Song
Otter Sacred Otter
Joyful little creature
Your medicine is sisterhood
Teach us to flow 
Teach us to share goodness
Otter teach us to receive

Ouzel Song
No matter what the weather
No matter what storms may be blowing around us
We'll be like you Ouzel
Sing Sing Sing Sing
Nothing will ever get us down 
We'll always be just singing around  

Owl Song
Owl sacred medicine bird
No one can deceive you
Owl sacred medicine bird
No one can deceive you
for you see in the night
you see in the night
You are wise sacred Owl
You see what no one sees
You are wise sacred Owl
You see what no one sees
for you see in the night
you see in the night
Panda Song
You teach us

Panther Song
Bring us through 
the darkness
We awaken to the light
on the pathway to our soul
Help us reclaim our power
for we have lost it 
in the night
Bring us home
to the silent healing
of our soul
Parakeet Song
Parakeet Parakeet
you sing and chirp for us
The only world you know
is in your little cage
You peck on your little seed
and ring your little bell
and tell us that all is well
Parrot Song
Bird of the sun
Teach us of the power
of colors and light
As the sun comes shining
through the crystals in the window
Your magic pours a rainbow through us
And we know we are one
We are healed by the sun

Peacock Song
Beautiful Peacock
You have the eyes
To see with great wisdom
What before us lies
When we see
your irridescent feathers
We know life goes on forever
Beautiful Peacock
Teach us to honor 
each moment as holy
And Peacock
Teach us to laugh
Laugh laugh laugh laugh!

Pelican Song
Pelican Pelican
Pelican Pelican
You teach us 
to rise above life's trials
We are the light
we won't be weighed down
We pop back up
We pop back up
We pop back up
We pop back up 
We pop back up
We pop back up

Penguin Song
You help us dream
lucid dreams
As we change our dreams
we can change our lives
As we change our thoughts
we can change our dreams
With your magic we awaken
to creation
You help us dream 
lucid dreams
Pig Song
Pigs are friends not food
They have been so abused
Love pigs don't eat them
They have a right 
to be here on earth
Pigs are our brothers
not our food
Piggi piggi piggi piggi
piggi piggi piggi
piggi piggi piggi piggi
piggi piggi piggi piggi
piggi piggi piggi
piggi piggi piggi piggi
Pinyon Jay Song
O Pinyon Jay
We hear your laughter and see you in the pines
Teach us to honor our ancestor lines
The love and light that we are shining
In the life that we now live 
Brings smiles from Heaven 
We are Love's children 
And everyone who has gone before
Opens us to the door of all that we are now     

Polar Bear Song
Polar Bear
Ice and snow 
We are here in your rainbow 
Pure in spirit of oneness 
We walk in LOVE 
Porcupine Song
O Porcupine 
We love your innocence 
You have powerful medicine 
Faith to move the mountains 
Trust in the Great Spirit 
of Life 
Open our hearts to your joy    
Prairie Dog Song
Prairie Dog
Prairie Dog
Sing your message
of love and understanding
Teach us to love our families
and to love the homes
we live in
Praying Mantis Song
Praying Mantis
Teach us stillness
For it is in stillness
we know who we truly are
Praying Mantis
Teach us loving
For it is in loving
we know who we truly are

Quail Song
You bring us good luck today
This is a time of hope 
and new beginnings
Bob White
Everything's allright
Look around and see
I am you and you are me
Rabbit Song
you teach us 
to face our fears
and feel them
Rabbit you teach us
to love our fears
and release them
Sacred Rabbit 
We like you will
love our fears away
Raccoon Song
Teach us to believe
We can become 
whatever we want
Your medicine helps us
make changes in ourselves
O Raccoon
We're exploring in the
light of the moon
And the transformation's
happening soon
Rat Song
Buddha called all the animals
Twelve came and Rat was first
Sacred Rat Teach us that
We can be happy where we're at
While we're reaching for the stars
No dream is too big or far away
Away Away
Raven Song
Raven Raven
Black as the darkest night
Let your magic
Come into our hearts
Give us courage 
to enter into the darkness
Raven Raven
Bring us to the light
Raven Song
Raven Raven
Black as the darkest night
Let your magic
Come into our hearts
Give us courage 
to enter into the darkness
Raven Raven
Bring us to the light
Red Crossbill Song
Red Crossbill 
Teach us to be still 
Within ourselves 
Within ourselves 
Loving ourselves 
Loving ourselves 
Breathing the light of love to all 
Breathing the light of love to all

Red-Winged Blackbird Song
Conkeree conkeree
Red-winged Blackbird
Sing to me
Sittin on a cattail
by the water
You share your song 
so freely
Sing to me and
I will sing with you      

Rhinoceros Song
You who are so solitary
Bring us comfort 
in our solitude
Help us find 
our ancient wisdom
Help us find
our ancient wisdom
Roadrunner Song
Running so quickly on the ground
Teach us to flow with 
the rapid changes 
all around
Teach us to laugh at ourselves
And sometimes we have to cry too
We crow we chuckle
We clack and we coo with you
Robin Song
Robin Redbreast
Sing your song
in the morning
with the dawn 
In the evening
with the setting sun
You remind us who we are
And how to sing
in the spring of our life
Rooster Song
Sing your song
with the sun
In the morning
when the new day's begun
You make us happy
You make us laugh
Teach us to love 
our eccentricities
Rooster Rooster Rooster
Rose-breasted Grosbeak Song
Rose-breasted Grosbeak
singing Love
Teach us to love like you
with all our heart
the whole world
and every living thing
that lives upon it
We all are family
We are One
Rufous-sided Towhee Song
Chup chup chup zeeeee
Rufous-sided Towhee
Your melody 
helps us see the glory
of life of life
Chup chup chup zeeeee
Rufous-sided Towhee
Help us to be
confidently glowing 
with life
with love for all
Salamander Song
Swimming in a pool of water
You surprise us
Inspire us
Teach us how to live
With our environment
You are a breath of fresh air to us
We let our lives be 
Transformed and new
Sandhill Crane Song
We are joy 
We are joy 
Sandhill Crane we dance with you 
in the joyful dance of life 
We are magic
We bring heaven into now
We are magic 
We are joy!
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher Song
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher
somersaulting in the sky
Dance your dance of love
so gracefully so high
We will dance the dance of life 
with grace and beauty just like you
Up and down and
in and out and
through and 
Sea Gull Song
Sea Gull Sea Gull
teach us
how to share our thoughts
Help us keep them pure
Magic shoreline bird
Seahorse Song
Tiny spiral tailed dragon
Thank you for bringing us
Good luck today
We love the way you 
Love the way you are
We love the way we are too
Shining our love the way we do
Spirals of love and we are ever new
Seal Song
When the Seal sings her song
by the ocean in the night
She reminds us that
the dreams we have
are what lead us to 
the light
Everyday's a day of magic
when the seal sings her song
We are angels here together
Come along
Come along 

Shark Song
Deep in the dark waters 
Shark swims with us
We swim through our fear 
All shadows clear 
Shark lead us from our sleep 
Through darkness of the deep 
Love is here  
Sheep Song
Peaceful Sheep 
May your peace go deep into all hearts tonight 
Love is shining bright around the earth 
and we are giving birth 
to light tonight within our hearts 
O Peaceful Sheep 
Peaceful Sheep     

Skunk Song
teach us self-respect
and how to walk our talk
With your good medicine
We believe in ourselves
We believe in ourselves
Skunk teach us playfulness
and to be who we are
With your good medicine
We believe in ourselves
We believe in ourselves
We believe in ourselves
Snail Song
Moving along so slowly 
Moving along so slowly 
Beautiful Snail where are you going
Beautiful Snail where are you going 
Spiralling your love so deeply 
Help us to look within and see our own beautiful wings 
That fly us to paradise 
Snake Song
We feel the magic of Snake
We know creation 
and healing
We find the fire within us
The changes are coming
The changes are coming
Snow Leopard Song
Snow Leopard
High in the mountains
Teach us to trust our inner self
Help us find our center 
of calm and balance
Through the magic 
of singing our 
own song
Snowy Owl Song
Snowy Owl
Teach us how
to be strong 
in our gentleness
Snowy Owl
Sacred messenger
Open our hearts 
to your wisdom
Snowy Owl
We fly with you
Snowy Plover Song
Snowy Plover
We watch you over and over
Chasing waves in and out
Isn't that what life's about
Everything is magical 
And here we are
Spider Song
Spider weave your web
Weave a world of peace
Help us to create our lives
with love
Teach us that 
we weave our web of life
Squirrel Song
Busy little Squirrel
gathering your nuts
You are ready 
for the changes
Teach us to prepare like you
for the times to come
Help us to create
a safe place in our hearts
for gathering
Starfish Song
Grant us this one wish
That we can shine who we are
A beautiful star like you
Doing the things we love to do
So uniquely cool
Stellers Jay Song
Stellers Jay 
It's a magic day 
Everything is new 
Everything we do
Touches all the world 
Changes all to love 
Stellers Jay 
We're the magic day
Shining like stars 
Love is who we are 
Stellers Jay    
Sun Bear Song
O Bear
Sun Bear
High up in the tree
Digging for honey
The magic sunrise on your chest
helps us to see the best
and brightest within everything
and this is the song we sing
Swainson's Thrush Song
Swainson's Thrush 
comes to us 
in the deep forest 
Lifts us up 
spiralling in her magic song 
Come along 
We are magic 
We are magic beings 
Living in a magic world 
We are loving 
We are loving beings 
Living in a loving world 
We will sing our song 
of love and magic with you    

Swan Song
Swan your grace and beauty
Blesses us today
Teach us to surrender
To the Beauty Way
Lead us to the dreamtime
Teach us how to flow
Change us heal us guide us
To the truth we know
Tick Song
If we can be thankful
for a tick 
And find joy in everything 
Then life's just like 
floatin down a crick 
And love is the song we sing 
Singin bout love
Singin bout love 
Singin bout love
Singin bout love
Tiger Song
teach us to be passionate
teach us to be sensuous
Your magic 
teaches us to be adventurous
You are the symbol 
of the dark new moon
and you are the symbol
of the bright full moon
Teach us to be 
devoted to life
devoted to life
Townsend's Solitaire Song
Townsend's Solitaire sing
The message that you bring
To us this winter day
Tells us love is everything
And we are here to sing
The Beauty Way
Sing the Beauty Way
In our own way
Turkey Song
Turkey Turkey
You teach us of give-away
We honor you
You show us 
that all life is sacred
You teach us
to help our neighbors
You teach us
to joyfully give
Turkey Vulture Song
Turkey Vulture
Golden Purifier 
You soar with grace and ease higher and higher 
We rise above with you easily lifting up 
New vision
New life 
We are golden light of love    
Turtle Song
Symbol of our Mother Earth
Teach us how
to love and care for her
Fill us with the love
of her great beauty
Every living thing's
a treasure
We will walk 
The Turtle Path
The Turtle Path
Unicorn Song
Magic spirit of the forest
Unite our hearts 
We are one
Shining across the earth
All our beautiful 
Lights of love
Violet-green Swallow Song
Violet-green Swallow 
Where you lead we will follow 
In our thoughts we will fly so high
Sorrow and sadness will pass us by
As we fly so high 
Joy in the sky with you 
Walrus Song
Teach us how to trust ourselves
With your good magic
We can love ourselves
Help us find the hidden treasures 
All around us and within us
Oh Walrus 
We will be us
Oh Walrus
We will love us
Waxwing Song
We are grateful for everything
We give we give we give we take
Teach us how to share
Shining our love everywhere
We bring with you
Wonder and beauty of now

Weasel Song
Share the secrets
that your eyes see
and your ears hear
O Weasel 
Teach us how to seek
the hidden
Share with us your gift
Western Scrub Jay Song
A Western Scrub Jay
sang to me the other day
and this is what I heard him say
Celebrate the gift of Light
Miracles are shining bright
And all the world is made new
Everything that flows to you
Western Tanager Song
Western Tanager 
You are so beautiful 
Teach us that we are angels too like you 
We shine our beautiful wings 
We sing our beautiful song 
Western Wood Pewee Song
Western Wood Pewee Song

Western Wood Pewee
High in the pine tree
O how you've blessed me
with your song of purity
Teach us to listen
to the voice of angels
Everywhere they're singing
Always they're bringing
Peace to our hearts
Whale Song
The Whale sings her songs
and teaches us to sing
lullabyes of 
the great blue sea
We find peace 
and we find healing
and we find magic
within the melodies
that Whale sings to us
And we are singing too
We are the song 
of the Universe
White Fox Song
White Fox
What a fine new world
is opening up to us
We adjust
We change our colors
just the way you do
Everything is new
What a gift to
Be here now
Loving now
Happy now
Shining our light
Wild Boar Song
Wild Boar 
You teach us courage 
Help us discover and 
Transform ourselves 
We through love 
Create prosperity 
We will stand up 
Have faith 
Move forward without fear 
O Sacred Wild Boar 
With you this year 
Wolf Song
Wolf wolf wolf 
Our great teacher 
from the stars 
Sing to the moon 
Find the secrets 
that she holds 
Teach us to seek truth 
Teach us to teach truth    
Woodpecker Song
Woodpecker drum your song 
We will gladly drum along 
And then we'll strike out 
on our own 
We're drumming new rhythms 
in our life 
We're making new changes 
We drum we drum we drum 
Woodpecker we drum with you 
Woodpecker we drum with you 
We drum we drum we drum    

Xanthareel Song
How do you feel?
Happy or just a little sad?
Breathe a deep breath of LOVE
Breathe it over and over again
Find your place of JOY within
Sing with Xanthareel
Magic Xanthareel
Sing with Xanthareel
Magic Xanthareel
Love and Gratitude
makes us feel so real
Yellow-headed Blackbird Song
Yellow-headed Blackbird
Singing on the cattails
Raise our heights of awareness
Teach us how to use our voice to heal
Yellow-headed Blackbird
We sing magic life with you
Blackbird sing
Blackbird sing
Zebra Song
Magic Zebra
We're on new journeys
Listening with love
Flowing with the rhythm 
of a new creation
Being ourselves
We harmonize with others
In this time of change
We are brothers